Friday, April 19, 2013

Williston, North Dakota

My first house called the prowler

Longest limo in Williston

Collin at a stop sign

Oil pump and holding tanks. There are so many of these you can see while driving. They have pipes sticking up that have flames shooting out as well that light up the area. They are burning off excess natural gas.

The Dutchman, my new temporary housing. Much more space and warmer. You can see the Prowler in the back right of the photo. This is parked right next to the GE building where some of the guys work.

New apartments going up right in the middle of Williston

Lewis and Clark state park sign. I figured since this was going to be our Lewis and Clark adventure, this fits perfectly!

Another oil pump chugging away.

Muddy lots are everywhere here. Many trucks park here all the time and some places there are deep ruts. The mud here is lots different than back home. It sticks to everything and then some. Boots become pounds heavier with mud packs by the day.

This is a common sight here, many trailer parks that are brand new and have mud everywhere too. This is in Watford City approximately 45 miles southeast of Williston.

Another "housing" park in Williston. There are many different shapes of houses, all small and close together around here. I will get a pic of Halliburton housing which is made up of red shipping containers.

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  1. Wishing you all the best and have a fun adventure